Life You gonna eat your cornbread Remix

Life You gonna eat your cornbread Remix.

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Hi, it's Michael again! :D Almost a Year ago, for the first time (even though I'm not a big fan of X-Men), I saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine & I LOVED the Intro, like specifically the whole War parts, including: The American Civil War (possibly Gettysburg on account of that being the most commonly used "place-taker" when it comes to The Civil War in Movies), World War I which absolutely ROCKED! AND, and, I believe My Yia-Yia (Grandmother in Greek)'s uncle Peter fought in World War I a.k.a. The Great War or The First World War)! Also, the World War II scene with The Allied Invasion Of Normandy! The Vietnam War, however, SUCKED! Logan's older brother Victor REALLY went off the deep end attempting to rape an innocent poor Vietnamese Civilian! Massacreing fellow Soldiers attempting to order Him to "stand down, Soldier!" I'm thinking being a World War I Soldier this Halloween, in honor of My brave, Greek, Great Great Uncle Peter Ross. ! &, anyway, here's that hard-to-find
Logan Through Time

Logan Through Time.m4v

clip! :D

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