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Hey wasabi witchu? I'm good friends with Dastuswa! We go to school together with the mean S.S.C. staff, such as: Mr. Behrnocon, Mr. Gatocon., & finally Mr. Lopocon. I feel as though they are out to get Me & kidnap Me! I believe they are a group of transformers known as the evil Belmontecons (Cinniminions of Decepticon!) Dastuswa & I's (disguised as an ordinary school counselor), Mr. Willowcon. is the reason why poor Dastuswa's wiki is banned. That's right, Mr. W. hacked Dastuswa wiki & Dastuswa was passing His office while it happened & Mr. W. was multi-tasking (He was also on the phone) & Dastuswa peaked in the window & waved & Mr. W. gave him the middle-finger! & I'm basically the ghost of Dastuswa! Well anyway, this has been My first page for this wiki. Thank You! God bless! & stay tunned for My next page will be about who I am! Oh & if You're wondering where I got "Code black" from, Dastuswa & I were (at seperate times) watching the show the Boondocks a funny, but sometimes gross co
The Boondocks HURRY We Got A Code Black!-2

The Boondocks HURRY We Got A Code Black!-2


medy tv series. Watch it! It's pretty funny! The Cinniminions even have their own slogan! "Cinniminions? Mmmmmm yummy. Tasty! SEXY! Well (as long as They can't hear Me, because between You & I, personally: I'm scared $it!) Suck on this Cinniminion-losers I have My own radio-station! Yesh, You heard right. My own radio-station! & the slogan goes like this: "103.9 SEXIFIED!!!!"