Peter? Who Peter? I'm Peter! Jk, I'm really Dastuswa II, but most of You know Me as Mikebro14gotchabak, I'm the creator of this wiki & the following is gonna tell You about Me! By the way, I specializes in Your Cornbread! :)

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I'm 14 I'm gonna be 15 May 21st 2013.


  • Go to the bars in New York City with Dastuswa, Lorne Michaels & Jay Leno (Very popular for Us in the 1970s)
  • Play Roblox
  • Collect vintage TWR Toys (Citation needed) before the year 2008 introduced Computer Generated Imagery & They no longer used the Train models & wax figures for the show & They added all these poorly-impersonated new characters that I can't seem to even keep up with! Those mind-fucks! They might as well put a mixture of: Caffine, Hard Liquor, Flour, Sugar, Vinegar, Candy, Baking Soda, &, Cocaine into His Boiler & have Him go WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH! On set in front of a bunch of little kids! That's how upset I am with them! DX
  • Wait until Titanic II tickets come out & share a Cabin on-board with My Mom, Dastuswa, &, His Family!

Other than that My friends of course are Dastuswa, Alexocon, Chrislocon, &, Chrissimocon. Thank You! :D Sincerely, Dastuswa II A.K.A. Mikebro14gotchabak

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